Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a partner to dance?

No, you don’t. Group classes and dance parties encourage social interaction and dancers tend to appreciate the variety of dancing with different people. Private lessons are designed for both couples and single people.

What’s the difference between group and private lessons?

A private lesson is personalized to your specific needs and is focused on you, or you and a partner. In a group class you will not receive the same level of individual attention. While groups are fun, social, and a great complement to private lessons, private lessons offer customized technical and styling tips and concentrated training to help you achieve your personal dance goals.

What Shoes should I wear?

Show up in whatever shoes you are wearing. You do not need any special type of dance shoe when you first start. We recommend that men wear shoes that feel comfortable, are not too heavy, yet offer good support. Leather soles are OK, but avoid wearing shoes that might leave marks on the dance floor. We recommend shoes with a supported back for the ladies. No flip-flops or sling backs. Sneakers and any shoe with rubber soles don’t tend to be good choices because they prevent you from moving smoothly.

How should I dress?

For a Friday night practice party, we usually advise dressy casual wear. Male dancers in our studio often wear sport shirts and cotton pants or lightweight dress slacks. Some men wear jackets and ties, but they are the exception. Similarly, a few ladies enjoy dressing up for the evening. Others choose more comfortable lighter-weight garments. Even air-conditioned ballrooms can feel warm during a series of fast dances.

For Group Classes or Private Lessons, dress comfortably in clothing that can absorb sweat. Dancing is a workout, be prepared to sweat.

For a special night out at our studio with your co-workers, we recommend wearing whatever you wear to work, whether that means casual wear or business clothes. You can always remove jackets and ties after you arrive.

How Much Does it Cost?

Cost Depends on your level of participation. you can get started with an introductory package of 1 private lesson and 2 group lessons for $40.